From January 1st through 31st, 2017

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The Anatomy of Violence: The BiologicalRaine, Adrian030747561117.95Paper
Canoes: A Natural History in North AmeriNeuzil, Mark081668117139.95
Community-Making in Early Stuart TheatreSell, Roger1409427013149.95
Constraints and Driving Forces in EconomHamori, Balazs144388539881.95
Culture and AnarchyArnold, Matthew019953874313.95
David Golder, the Ball, Snow in Autumn,Nemirovsky, Irene030726708325.00
Deceit and Other PossibilitiesHua, Vanessa099719962818.95
Desert SolitaireAbbey, Edward03453264907.99Paper
Evolutionary Games and Poverty TrapsCarrera, Edgar J S144388516971.95
Flock Together: A Love Affair with ExtinHollars, B J080329642824.95Hardcover
Goodbye ISlave: A Manifesto for DigitalQiu, Jack Linchuan025208212524.95
A History of Law and Lawyers in the GATTMarceau, Gabrielle1107085233155.00
If I Ran the ZooSeuss, Dr039480081816.99
The Misadventures of Sulliver PongCheuk, Leland193998737714.99
Motivation in War: The Experience of ComBerkovich, Ilya131661810229.99
Of Beggars and Buddhas: The Politics ofBowie, Katherine A029930950964.95Hardcover
On Beyond Zebra!Seuss, Dr039480084214.95
Philosophy As Fiction: Self, Deception,Landy, Joshua019538935228.95
Regional Trade Agreements and the MultilAcharya, Rohini1107161649240.00
The Riddle of Gender: Science, Activism,Rudacille, Deborah038572197817.00
Sanskrit Syntax: Selected Papers PresentScharf, Peter194313500260.00
Scrambled Eggs Super!Seuss, Dr039480085016.99
Selected WritingsRuskin, John019953924314.95
The Story of Athens: The Fragments of thHarding, Phillip041533809338.95
Sutphin BoulevardHassell, Santino163476325416.99
Thucydides on Politics: Back to the PresHawthorn, Geoffrey110761200435.99Paper
The Vietnamese War: Revolution and SociaElliott, David076560602X150.00
Virtualism: A New Political EconomyCarrier, James G185973242937.95
WTO Accessions and Trade MultilateralismDadush, Uri1107093368205.00
ZamaDi Benedetto, Anto159017717715.95Paper
AFRAfrican Futures: Essays on Crisis, EmergGoldstone, Brian022640224X30.00Paper
AFRThe Orderly Entrepreneur: Youth, EducatiHoneyman, Catherin080479985727.95Paper
AFRDAcross That Bridge: Life Lessons and a VLewis, John140132411824.00Hardcover
ALTBurying Autumn: Poetry, Friendship, andHu, Ying067473720249.95Hardcover
AMHIApostles of Disunion: Southern SecessionDew, Charles B.97801393944514.50Paper
AMHIBlood from the Sky: Miracles and PoliticJortner, Adam081393958545.00Hardcover
AMHIBrahmin Capitalism: Frontiers of WealthMaggor, Noam067497146939.95Hardcover
AMHICitizens of Convenience: The Imperial OrHatter, Lawrence B081393954239.50Hardcover
AMHILetters Written from the Banks of the OhLezay-Marnesia, Cl027107716686.00Hardcover
AMHIPulpit and Nation: Glergymen and the PolMcBride, Spencer W081393956939.50Hardcover
AMINAfter the First Full Moon in April: A SoPeters, Josephine161132791134.95Paper
AMINBad IndiansMiranda, Deborah A159714201819.00Paper
AMSTFrom Memory to Memorial: Shanksville, AmThompson, J Willia027107699216.00Paper
ANTHAnimate Planet: Making Visceral Sense ofWeston, Kath082236232524.95Paper
ANTHCollecting, Ordering, Governing: AnthropBennett, Tony082236268626.95Paper
ANTHTheorizing Tourism: Analyzing Iconic DesBerger, Arthur Asa161132235929.95Paper
ARCHEnvironmental Communications: Contact HiWasiuta, Mark194133212945.00Paper
ARCHLandscapes of Modern Architecture: WrighTreib, Marc030020841365.00Hardcover
ARELVaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space: WhaMooji162203788X16.95
ARTAgnes Martin: Night SeaHudson, Suzanne P.184638171118.00Paper
ARTAt the Crossroads: Diego Rivera and HisPaquette, Catha147731100929.95Paper
ARTDada East: The Romanians of Cabaret VoltSandqvist, Tom026219507045.00Hardcover
ARTMichelangelo and the Sistine ChapelGraham-Dixon, Andr163450251516.99Paper
ARTTDadaKuenzli, Rudolf071486940624.95
ARTTDestruction Was My Beatrice: Dada and thRasula, Jed046508996829.99
ARTTEnvironmental Sound Artists: In Their OwBianchi, Frederick019023462835.00Paper
ASAMRedefining Japaneseness: Japanese AmericYamashiro, Jane H081357636927.95Paper
ASIANDivergent Memories: Opinion Leaders andShin, Gi-Wook080479970924.95Paper
BIOLMultispecies Studiesvan Dooren, Thom082236392519.00Paper
BIOLMusic as Biology: The Tones We Like andPurves, Dale067454515X29.95Hardcover
C.ASGoodbye, Antoura: A Memoir of the ArmeniPanian, Karnig150360063719.95Paper
CALDCalifornia's Wild Edge: Tom Killion BoxeKillion, Tom159714354575.00Paper
CALDCityscapes 2: Reading the Architecture oKing, John159714314615.00Paper
CALHCalifornia Mission Landscapes: Race, MemKryder-Reid, Eliza081663797035.00Paper
CALHCoast of Dreams: California on the Edge,Starr, Kevin067974072418.95Paper
CALHSierra Stories: Tales of Dreamers, SchemNoy, Gary159714265417.00Paper
CARIAmerica's Forgotten Colony: Cuba's IsleNeagle, Michael131650201529.99Paper
CCSQueer Theory: The French ResponsePerreau, Bruno150360044025.95Paper
CCSTime: A Vocabulary for the PresentElias, Amy147987484130.00Paper
CGPHThe Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science andVarela, Francisco026252936X30.00Paper
CHILCan You Keep a Straight Face?Gehin, Elisa050065091814.95BOARD
CHILClara: The (Mostly) True Story of the RhMcCully, Emily Arn055352246917.99Hardcover
CHILA Greyhound, a GroundhogJenkins, Emily055349805317.99Hardcover
CHILPancakes!: Pancakes!, an Interactive RecNieminen, Lotta071487283014.95Hardcover
CHILThe Sound of SilenceGoldsaito, Katrina031620337817.99Hardcover
CHINArresting Cinema: Surveillance in Hong KFang, Karen150360070X24.95Paper
CHINFact in Fiction: 1920s China and Ba Jin'Stapleton, Kristin150360106425.95
CHINThe Killing Wind: A Chinese County's DesTan, Hecheng019062252034.95Hardcover
CHINLearning from Shenzhen: China's Post-MaoODonnell, Mary Ann022640112X35.00Paper
CHINOutsourced Children: Orphanage Care andWang, Leslie K150360011424.95Paper
CHLALa Nueva California: Latinos from PioneeHayes-Bautista, Da052029253731.95Paper
CLASThe Age of Caesar: Five Roman LivesPlutarch039329282735.00Hardcover
CLASA Cabinet of Ancient Medical CuriositiesMcKeown, J C019061043318.95Hardcover
CLASHumanism and the Latin ClassicsManutius, Aldus067497163929.95Hardcover
CLASThe OdysseyHomer019966910427.95Hardcover
COGThe Mind Within the Brain: How We Make DRedish, A David019026317222.95Paper
DANCSoft Is Fast: Simone Forti in the 1960sMorse, Meredith026203397636.95Hardcover
DESIClothing Art: The Visual Culture of FashRibeiro, Aileen030011907060.00Hardcover
DGHMPixar and the Aesthetic Imagination: AniHerhuth, Eric052029256129.95Paper
DISACurative Violence: Rehabilitating DisabiKim, Eunjung082236288025.95Paper
DISAOur Better Angels: Stories of DisabilitySmith, J David163450333319.99Paper
DISASeeing Voices: A Journey into the WorldSacks, Oliver037570407815.00Paper
DRAMExperimental O'NeillONeill, Eugene098874569020.00Paper
DRAMFencesWilson, August073521668114.00Paper
DRAMFencesWilson, August045226401414.00Paper
ECONSweet Talk: Paternalism and Collective ASingh, J. P.150360104824.95Paper
EMODReligious War and Religious Peace in EarTe Brake, Wayne P110745922229.99Paper
ENVRGaia: A New Look at Life on EarthLovelock, James019878488019.95Paper
ENVRA Greene Country Towne: Philadelphia's EBraddock, Alan C.027107713181.00Hardcover
ENVRScience, Conservation, and National ParkBeissinger, Steven022642300X45.00Paper
ETHNTrue South: Henry Hampton and the LegaciElse, Jon110198093130.00Hardcover
ETHNWhiteness on the Border: Mapping the USBebout, Lee147985853626.00Paper
EURHAt Home and Astray: The Domestic Dog inHowell, Philip081393686139.50Hardcover
EURHThe Courtesan and the Gigolo: The MurderFreundschuh, Aaron150360082324.95Paper
FILMPleasing Everyone: Mass Entertainment inKnapp, Jeffrey019063406535.00Hardcover
GARDForeign Trends on American SoilFabiani Giannetto,081393929129.50Paper
GRAPHEpilepticB, David037571468519.95
GRAPHJames Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner--A GZapico, Alfonso162872655522.99Hardcover
GRAPHKindred: a Graphic Novel AdaptationButler, Octavia E141970947X24.95Hardcover
GRAPHThe Smartest Kid on EarthWare, Chris037571454519.95
GRAPHTransmetropolian: Back on the Street (VoEllis, Warren140122084314.99
HISTThe Red Army and the Second World WarHill, Alexander110702079434.99Hardcover
HSCIDance to the Tune of Life: Biological ReNoble, Denis110717624724.99
HSCIA Portable Cosmos: Revealing the AntikytJones, Alexander019973934X34.95Hardcover
HSCIThe Seductions of Darwin: Art, EvolutionRampley, Matthew027107742531.00Hardcover
INTSCitizenship in Question: Evidentiary BirLawrance, Benjamin082236291025.95Paper
INTSContagious Representation: Women's PolitWilliams, Margaret081478446127.00Paper
INTSFools, Frauds and Firebrands: Thinkers oScruton, Roger147293595018.00Paper
INTSThe Way of the Strangers: Encounters witWood, Graeme081298875228.00Hardcover
ISLMThe Story of Reason in IslamNusseibeh, Sari150360057229.95Paper
LABlack Autonomy: Race, Gender, and Afro-NGoett, Jennifer150360054825.95Paper
LACulture and Revolution: Violence, MemoryLegras, Horacio147731075429.95Paper
LAFreedom from Work: Embracing Financial SFridman, Daniel150360025427.95Paper
LAThe Great Woman Singer: Gender and VoiceFiol-Matta, Licia082236293724.95Paper
LAThe History of the New World: Benzoni'sBenzoni, Girolamo027107757321.00Paper
LABHNo Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in thMcAlevey, Jane F019062471X29.95
LAWNewsworthy: The Supreme Court Battle oveBarbas, Samantha080479710226.00Hardcover
LAWRebels at the Bar: The Fascinating, ForgNorgren, Jill147983552825.00Paper
LCThe Art of ReadingBollack, Jean067466019629.95Paper
LCMathilde Blind and the Culture of Late-VDiedrick, James081393931349.50Hardcover
LCMontaigne: A LifeDesan, Philippe069116787739.95Hardcover
LCPersonal Business: Character and CommercHunt, Aeron081393631439.50Hardcover
LCThe Routledge Introduction to American WMartin, Wendy113801624129.95Paper
LINGWritten in Stone: A Journey Through theStevens, Christoph168177308216.95Paper
LIT2084: The End of the WorldSansal, Boualem160945366217.00Paper
LITBlake; Or, the Huts of AmericaDelany, Martin R067408872719.95Paper
LITThe Book of the DeadShinobu, Orikuchi081668810925.95Paper
LITHomesick for Another World: StoriesMoshfegh, Ottessa039956288526.00Hardcover
LITLucky BoySekaran, Shanthi110198224127.00Hardcover
LITA New DawnBalagopal, Sudha194108730213.95Paper
LITNo Knives in the Kitchens of This City:Khalifa, Khaled977416781316.95
LITNovels, Tales, JourneysPushkin, Alexander030795962730.00Hardcover
LITNFBorn a Crime: Stories from a South AfricNoah, Trevor039958817528.00Hardcover
LITNFThe Princess DiaristFisher, Carrie039917359526.00Hardcover
MATHA Brief History of Mathematical ThoughtHeaton, Luke019062176127.95Hardcover
MIDMorbid Symptoms: Relapse in the Arab UprAchcar, Gilbert150360031921.95Paper
MIDSoundtrack of the Revolution: The PolitiSiamdoust, Nahid150360032725.95Paper
MIDThe Way to the Spring: Life and Death inEhrenreich, Ben159420590628.00Hardcover
MSEMProgressive Museum Practice: John DeweyHein, George E159874481X39.95Paper
MUSCMessage to Our Folks: The Art Ensemble oSteinbeck, Paul022637596X40.00Hardcover
MUSCSound Knowledge: Music and Science in LoDavies, James Q022640207X55.00Hardcover
MUSCUproot: Travels in 21st-Century Music anClayton, Jace037453342316.00Paper
NATUThe Best Read Naturalist: Nature WritingEmerson, Ralph Wal081393952629.50Paper
NATUCoyote America: A Natural and SupernaturFlores, Dan046505299127.50Hardcover
PHILInclinations: A Critique of RectitudeCavarero, Adriana150360040819.95
PHILMaterialismEagleton, Terry030021880X24.00
PHILNietzsche: On the Genealogy of MoralityNietzsche, Friedri131660259122.99Paper
PHILOf Remixology: Ethics and Aesthetics aftGunkel, David J026203393342.00Hardcover
PHILOn Knowing--The Social SciencesOwen, David B022634021X40.00Paper
PHILPolitical Philosophy and the Challenge oMeier, Heinrich022627585X40.00Hardcover
PHYSReality Is Not What It SeemsRovelli, Carlo073521392526.00Hardcover
PHYSStorm in a Teacup: The Physics of EverydCzerski, Helen039324896826.95Hardcover
POCODecolonizing DialecticsCiccariello-Maher,082236243023.95Paper
POETConflict Resolution for Holy Beings: PoeHarjo, Joy039335363X15.95Paper
POETThe Laughter of the SphinxPalmer, Michael081122554215.95Paper
POETThe Major WorksTennyson, Alfred L019957276314.95Paper
POETOracle PoemsMarvin, Cate039335313316.95Paper
POETSomething SinisterCharara, Hayan088748605315.95Paper
POETThe Voice at 3: 00 A. M.Simic, Charles015603073X15.95Paper
POETAIf Bees Are Few: A Hive of Bee PoemsLenfestey, James P081669806624.95Hardcover
PPPolitics and Ideology in Marxist Theory:Laclau, Ernesto184467788524.95Paper
PPRelativism and Religion: Why DemocraticAccetti, Carlo Inv023117078565.00Paper
PPUtopia Reader 2eClaeys, Gregory147983707540.00Paper
PSAudacity: How Barack Obama Defied His CrChait, Jonathan006242697427.99Hardcover
PSOligarchyWinters, Jeffrey A052118298030.99Paper
PSStrategic Party Government: Why WinningKoger, Gregory022642460X30.00Paper
PSYCA Really Good Day: How Microdosing MadeWaldman, Ayelet045149409125.95Hardcover
PTCSGenius Envy: Women Shaping French PoeticPaliyenko, Adriann027107708596.00Hardcover
PTCSThe Movement Reconsidered: Essays on LarLeader, Zachary019960184427.95
PUBHBellevue: A History of America's OldestOshinsky, David038552336X30.00
PUBHCulture and Meaning in Health Services RSobo, Elisa J159874137339.95Paper
PUBHStates of Disease: Political EnvironmentKing, Brian052027821629.95Paper
REFAgeing: A Very Short IntroductionPachana, Nancy A019872532911.95Paper
REFAmerican Heritage Dictionary of the EnglAmerican Heritage054445445660.00Hardcover
REFBanking: a Very Short IntroductionWilson, John O S019968892311.95Paper
REFCalvinism: A Very Short IntroductionBalserak, Jon019875371311.95Paper
REFEssentials of Publishing Qualitative ResAllen, Mitchell162958359626.95Paper
REFEssentials of Qualitative InterviewingOlson, Karin159874595629.95Paper
REFHome: A Very Short IntroductionFox, Michael Allen019874723311.95Paper
REFPopulism: A Very Short IntroductionMudde, Cas019023487311.95Paper
REFRocks: a Very Short IntroductionZalasiewicz, Jan019872519111.95Paper
REFTelescopes: a Very Short IntroductionCottrell, Geoffrey019874586911.95Paper
RELGThe Prince of This WorldKotsko, Adam150360020322.95Paper
RENAHow Shakespeare Put Politics on the StagLake, Peter030022271837.50Hardcover
RENAStudies in the History of the RenaissancPater, Walter019953507811.95
SAOf Gardens and Graves: Kashmir, Poetry,Kaul, Suvir082236289923.95Paper
SATwenty-First Century BollywoodGehlawat, Ajay113865427239.95Paper
SEASingapore: Unlikely PowerPerry, John Curtis019046950129.95Hardcover
SOCThe Genome Factor: What Social GenomicsConley, Dalton069116474629.95Hardcover
SOCThe Happiness Effect: How Social Media IFreitas, Donna019023985929.95Hardcover
SOCMattering: Feminism, Science, and MateriPitts-Taylor, Vict147984543430.00Paper
SOCThe Max Weber Dictionary: Key Words andSwedberg, Richard080478342X29.95Paper
SOCOn BetrayalMargalit, Avishai067404826126.95Hardcover
SPOThe Lost City of the Monkey GodPreston, Douglas145554000528.00Hardcover
SPOWaiting for Buddy Guy: Chicago Blues atHarper, Alan025208157919.95Paper
URBIntelligent Infrastructure: Zip Cars, InTierney, T F081393948835.00Paper
YRThe Harlem CharadeTarpley, Natasha054578387916.99Hardcover
YRThe Inquisitor's Tale: Or, the Three MagGidwitz, Adam052542616717.99Hardcover
YRThe Someday BirdsPla, Sally J006244576616.99Hardcover
YRThe Warden's DaughterSpinelli, Jerry037583199116.99Hardcover