From February 1st through 28th, 2017

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AfricaAfrican Art as Philosophy: Senghor, Bergson and the Idea of NegritudeDiagne, Souleymane190649789325.00Cloth
AfricaLega Culture: Art, Initiation, and Moral Philosophy among a CentralBiebuyck, DanielJB028100.00Cloth
Medieval StudiesThe Uta Codex: Art, Philosophy and ReformCohen, Adam S027101959X44.50Cloth
ArtistsArt After Philosophy an02626109140.00
ArtistsPhilosophy of Mass Art01987423710.00
Art Theory and SurveyAesthetic Theories: Studies in the Philosophy of ArtAschenbrenner, KarBG7475.00Cloth
Art Theory and SurveyAesthetics and the Philosophy of Art:The Analytic TraditionLamarque, P. & Ols140510582851.95Paper
Art Theory and SurveyAnywhere or Not at All: The Philosophy of Contemporary ArtOsborne, Peter178168094929.95Paper
Art Theory and SurveyArt after Philosophy and After: Collected Writings 1966-1990Kosuth, JosephKE803065.00Cloth
Art Theory and SurveyThe Forger's Art: Forgery and the Philosophy of ArtDutton, DennisCG02045.00Cloth
Art Theory and SurveyIntroduction to the Philosophy of ArtEldridge, Richard052180521X28.99Paper
Art Theory and SurveySemblance and Event: Activist Philosophy and the Occurrent ArtsMassumi, Brian026252536415.00Paper
Art Theory and SurveyTransfiguration of the Commonplace: A Philosophy of ArtDanto, Arthur C.067490346330.00Paper
Art Theory and SurveyWhat, After All, Is a Work of Art?: Lectures in the Philosophy of ArtMargolis, Joseph027101866614.50Paper
ClassicsMedea: Essays on Medea in Myth, Literature, Philosophy, and ArtClauss, James J. (069104376043.50Paper
Drama and TheaterHenrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism: Art, Theatre, PhilosophyMoi, Toril019929587549.95Cloth
History of ScienceGenesis Redux: Essays in the History and Philosophy of ArtificialRiskin, Jessica022672081025.00Paper
JudicaThe Art of Dialogue in Jewish PhilosophyHughes, Aaron W.025321944224.95Paper
JudicaThe Invention of Jewish Identity: Bible, Philosophy, and the Art of TranslationHughes, Aaron W025322249424.95Paper
PhilosophyAnalytical Philosophy of ActionDanto, Arthur C052111751827.99Paper
PhilosophyAnalytical Philosophy of KnowledgeDanto, Arthur C052111752627.99Paper
PhilosophyArt and Value: Themes in the Philosophy of ArtDickie, George063122946923.95Paper
PhilosophyThe Art of Philosophy: Wisdom As a PracticeSloterdijk, Peter023115871819.95Paper
PhilosophyConnections to the World: The Basic Concepts of PhilosophyDanto, Arthur052020842018.95Paper
PhilosophyHead Cases: Julia Kristeva on Philosophy and Art in Depressed TimesMiller, Elaine P023116682640.00Cloth
PhilosophyLatin American Philosophy from Identity to Radical ExteriorityVallega, Alejandro025301257035.00Paper
PhilosophyMysticism and Morality: Oriental Thought and Moral PhilosophyDanto, Arthur CGW19010.00Paper
PhilosophyThe Nonsense of Kant and Lewis Carroll: Unexpected Essays on Philosophy, Art, Life, and DeathScharfstein, Ben-A022610575X45.00Cloth
PhilosophyPhilosophy Between the Lines: The Lost History of Esoteric WritingMelzer, Arthur M022617509X45.00Cloth
PhilosophyPhilosophy in a New Key: Study in the Symbolism of Reason, Rite, & ArtLanger, Susanne K.FB039117.50Paper
PhilosophyPhilosophy Looks at the Arts: Contemporary Readings in AestheticsMargolis, J., editFU2335.00Paper
PhilosophyThe Philosophy of Art081661684122.50Paper
PhilosophyA Philosophy of Computer ArtLopes, Dominic McI041554762839.95Paper
PhilosophyPhilosophy's Artful ConversationRodowick, D N067441667839.95Cloth
PhilosophyRediscovering Aesthetics: Transdisciplinary Voices from Art History, Philosophy, and Art PracticeHalsall, Francis080475991X24.95Paper
PhilosophyRelationscapes: Movement, Art, PhilosophyManning, Eric026213490X30.00Cloth
PhilosophyZen and the Art of Postmodern Philosophy: Two Paths of Liberation fromOlson, Carl079144654933.95Paper
Post-Colonial StudiesUnfinished Projects: Decolonization and the Philosophy of Jean-Paul SartreArthur, Paige184467399524.95Paper
Political PhilosophyForce and Freedom: Kant's Legal and Political PhilosophyRipstein, Arthur067403506249.95Cloth